SOUTH Lakes councillors have given the go-ahead for a private horse arena in a Furness village – despite concerns about flooding.

Scales residents Peter and Janet Kendall applied for planning permission from South Lakeland District Council.

The couple won consent for the development at Flosh Fields, between Stainton and Aldingham, in February last year.

But a fresh application was made to South Lakeland District Council’s planning committee on Wednesday to re-site the 131ft x 65ft arena, known as a manège.


During a consultation, Aldingham Parish Council said it had no objections to but expressed concerns about flooding from the field.

Residents told SLDC that water regularly built up there, although the Environment Agency categorised it as the lowest type of flood risk.

Michael Hoar, a planning officer with South Lakeland District Council, told the meeting: “This application seeks to amend the location of the manège from the higher end of the site down to a lower point.

“It became apparent during the initial site excavations that there was limestone very close to the surface which would have taken a considerable amount of taking out. They took the decision to turn the whole thing around.”

In response to neighbour concerns, the applicants had agreed to rotate the arena by 90 degrees, he said.

Planning committee member Cllr Andrew Butcher (Con, Furness Peninsula) said he remained concerned about the possibility of flooding.

The county council said flooding had been reported but a soakaway system should suffice.

“We can add on to this application a drainage condition and some additional wording to ensure the soakaway is managed and maintained in the correct way,” said Mr Hoar.

Cllr Butcher replied: “I would be grateful if we could. It’s simply to give the other residents peace of mind. I would propose it does go-ahead providing the conditions are enforced.”

Cllr Eric Morrell (Lib Dem, Grange) said his concern was for properties downhill of the sloping field.

Council solicitor Anthea Lowe told the meeting that no development could start until the council, with approval from the county council, was satisfied that the drainage scheme was adequate.

The application was unanimously approved by the committee sitting in Kendal.