A GROUNDBREAKING link up between a Kendal martial arts club and the British Wrestling team is set to propel the latter to World and Olympic glory.

Kendal Judo Club already have a widespread and enviable name both in its own sport and as a centre for athletic excellence.

And word of their reputation spread to British Wrestling chiefs, who have agreed to base a series of training camps there as they mould a squad capable of challenging for medals in future European, World and Olympic championships.

"I am delighted to welcome the partnership with the British Wrestling team and look forward to their arrival for their first training camp on January 18," said Kendal Judo Club coach Mike Liptrot.

Kendal Judo Club's dojo, or training centre, is located at Parkside Business Park off Parkside Road, and is the setting for the thriving club's regular training sessions.

But the club also host a regular early morning multi-sports academy where athletes from a number of disciplines take part in strength and conditioning exercises, and have held summer and winter training camps for more than 20 years which have been attended by World and Olympic champion judoka - the correct term for judo participants - from all over the world.

And the work caught the eye of British Wrestling who saw the hall and the surrounding parkland as the perfect setting to put their squad through their paces in pursuit of their aim to make a global impact on the sport.

"The Kendal Dojo has come highly recommended," said British Wrestling team co-ordinator Barry Polin.

Mr Polin said he expected Mr Liptrot's regime to be tough, but he explained that the partnership and team building arising from this arrangement would be highly beneficial.

"Medals at Commonwealth Games level are no longer good enough and they must be looking to the European Championships and higher," said Mr Polin.

He said now wanted to identify the squad's strengths with the aim of making an impact at the European Games in Minsk, Belarus next June, and the team will then be looking ahead to the next World and Olympic championships.

And Mr Polin said he believed the Kendal Judo Club's attitude to training would help greatly in this aim.

Mr Liptrot said he was relishing the new partnership and added that the facilities were available for any other squad "no matter what their sport is."

The club's own winter camp which begins on January 4 already has more than 80 participants from all over the country signed up, and is continuing its popular early morning multi-sports academy.

For more details on any of the club's activities, call 07708 968194.