AS 2018 slips into 2019 we will have an opportunity to see something very special in the morning sky - weather permitting, of course, writes STUART ATKINSON.

Over the last few mornings of this year there will be a gathering of worlds before sunrise. All the action will be taking place quite low in the sky, so to see it you'll need to have a clear view to the south east, without any trees, buildings or hills in the way, and a low horizon too. And obviously the less light pollution around you too, the better.

Look to the south east before dawn on New Year's Eve, around 6.30am and you'll see a lovely waning crescent Moon shining to the upper right of brilliant Venus. Look to the lower left of Venus and you'll see Jupiter just above the horizon, fainter than Venus. On New Year's morning the Moon - a thinner crescent now - will be shining closer to Venus, and before dawn on January 2 a fingernail clipping-thin crescent Moon will shine between Venus and Jupiter, making a beautiful trio of worlds.

You won't need a telescope to see this celestial gathering because it will be clearly visible to the naked eye.

Happy New Year!