A SOUTH Lakeland adventurer who has conquered some seemingly impossible challenges is set to reveal more about his escapades to members of the public in the new year.

From a record-breaking cycle across Europe, to running, sailing and swimming the length of Great Britain, Kendal's Sean Conway uses each challenge as a warm-up for the next item on his ‘to-do’ list.

Mr Conway enjoys nothing more than to inspire others with his tales of adventure and is holding a special lecture on Saturday January 19 as part of his “Explore from the Door” project with the Coniston-based Coppermines Lakes Cottages company.

“The idea behind ‘Explore from the Door’ is to remind people of the fun they can have so close to home,” said Mr Conway. “We all had our early adventures near our homes when we were children and I hope my series of blogs inspire people to venture a little bit further out into this beautiful part of the world.”

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Lake District Foundation (LDF), for which Mr Conway is an ambassador.

“We’ve all got to remember that when we’re outside, we’re in nature’s kingdom, not our own," said Mr Conway. "The Lake District Foundation works to protect that kingdom. The charity’s approach to caring for the Lakes is exactly as it should be; come here to visit – and if you like it, donate some money to help care for it. It means the next time you come here, it will still be just as amazing as you remember it.

“It’s great how local businesses like Coppermines Lakes Cottages appreciate the importance of the different projects that the LDF is involved with; and how without the generosity of people giving whatever they can afford, it would be impossible to preserve this place in the way it has been for so many years.

"Every child remembers their early outdoor experiences with family or friends and I hope they use those to set their own goals in the future, like I’ve done for so many years. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be handing over my world records to them!”

Reserve tickets by emailing rebecca@coppermines.co.uk, or pick them up from various outlets in Coniston.