A few weeks ago, one of your correspondents wrote a letter which appeared to imply criticism of us for calling public meetings around the district on the subject of climate change.

Actually, we are very glad we held these meetings. They provided the inspiration for an action plan, on which we have already started work (details are on our web site).

Climate change threatens all of us and our descendants. Recent governmental reports confirm that around the world, millions are at risk and will either be without freshwater, or displaced from their homes through flooding.

Our food supply will be threatened, disease will spread, coral reefs will die and we will be subject to much more extreme weather events. The outlook is grim unless we all take action.

Be assured, as far as the environment is concerned, South Lakeland District Council's focus is still on core services: parks are being improved, playgrounds are being enhanced, we continue to look for ways to improve our waste collection and enhance cycling routes.

However, we also care about the whole environment. Just like everyone else, South Lakeland can play a part in the fight against climate change - and we will.

Dyan Jones, Environment Portfolio holder SLDC

Giles Archibald, Leader SLDC