Collected Works Of Bruce Springsteen (seven LP box set) 1990, released on the CBS label, value £200

OVER the years, especially in recent times, many box collections of Springsteen's music have been released, writes MICHAEL BROOKS. Most of them contain a selection of his greatest hits, some of them are unauthorised bootleg recordings, but none of them are listed as collectable or having a high value. Apart from this one.

This is simply his first seven albums lovingly packaged, including footnotes about the songs with a brief history of Bruce's life. Greetings From Asbury Park saw the beginning of what has become an illustrious career. It only sold 30,000 copies on its initial release, as too, did the follow up The Wild, The Innocent and The E-Street Shuffle. But while at a concert, music critic Jon Landau (who later became his manager and record producer) said: "I saw rock 'n' roll's future and his name is Bruce Springsteen." Born In The USA sold ten million copies containing seven hit singles that catapulted Bruce into pop superstardom. The music video of Dancing In The Dark introduced aspiring actress Courtney Cox dancing on stage with Bruce, which helped start her career. This album remained in the UK charts for more than two years. In the USA it remained even longer. Born To Run was equally successful, it reflected times of 1950s and 1960s rock 'n' roll, unashamedly romantic and intense songs of frustration, anger, but ultimately hope, which is one of the greatest of emotions. Tunnel Of Love was sombre and reflective, dealing with the problems and breakdown of relationships. Bruce's own marriage was crumbling during this time, yet he opened his heart making some of the songs quite personal. The River contained 20 songs, many of them featuring the magnificent saxophone of E-Street band member Clarence Clemons leaving you with images of 1950s cars, girls and drive-in movies.

Nebraska was Bruce entirely on his own with just a guitar, occasional harmonica, singing into a tape recorder. I think this album inspired the trend of major rock stars releasing their own albums under the title Live and Unplugged. This anthology of his greatest albums will always remain highly collectable for any Springsteen fan.