TWO Mountain rescue teams were called to an incident close to Stickle Tarn, in Langdale, after a woman fell and sustained injuries.

On January 17 at around 12:40 pm Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team were called to a rescue, and as some volunteers were already out on another incident in Windermere, Coniston Mountain Rescue team also attended.

The incident concerned a lady who had 'tumbled' and sustained injuries to her neck and shoulder.

A spokesperson from the rescue team said that due to the location and the chilling temperatures a full team was called out.

The volunteers, who had carried First aid, Cas bag, a vacuum mattress and a stretcher, arrived at the scene to be met by members from the Great North Air Ambulance Service who were already treating the lady.

The casualty was treated and evacuated to Carlisle hospital by the Air Ambulance.

The rescue lasted just over three hours