ANOTHER green field north of High Sparrowmire and Moorefield Close at the north east end of the Hallgarth estate off Windermere Road at Kendal is the location of an application to build 26 houses by South Lakes Housing.

The developer is planning to pump all surface water and sewerage into the Hallgarth system, which is frequently overwhelmed even by relatively modest rainfall and which continues to pose real and present threats to existing residents properties on the estate, some of which were flooded in the 2012 flood.

By destroying a natural barrier to water run off from the hills above, it will inevitably see many more flood events ruin the lives of existing residents in years to come.

Many residents have lodged objections to the scheme as it increases flood risks in the estate.

Residents can view the application at the SLDC planning register application (SL/2018/0806) and lodge their opposition to this scheme.

Residents should not have their homes and safety put under threat.

Residents of Hallgarth need to wake up and stop this ill-advised development from ever being approved.

Paul (Ned) Naylor