WITH all that is going on to date I cannot understand the reluctance of remainers to see the opportunities available after we leave.

Let us just consider a hypothetical situation that we had never been members of the EU for 45 years and we were considering a vote to join.

Look at the EU with all its ongoing problems, such as the euro crisis which is still continuing. Look at the the way there is so much animosity between the countries of the east and the north over uncontrolled immigration and the south and the north over the euro, causing financial hardship and mass unemployment.

Look at the the vindictiveness and bullying of Brussels towards any country that questions the direction of the EU. The rise of the Right all across Europe because of EU federalist policy by wanting increased control over the finances of all member states from Brussels.

The way the EU has ignored several free and legal referendums because they didn’t like the result. The EU being unable to reform is destined to fail and when, not if, it implodes any country that is in when it happens will be in a miserable situation of having a worthless currency that will not be accepted for international trade.

It has been proposed that all member states must accept the euro by 2025 or be part of a two speed Europe.

There is a multitude of other negatives, too many to list.

Why would any intelligent person even contemplate joining an organisation like that in preference to being free to trade with the world on WTO rules?

Don’t misunderstand me as I love Europe and the people but I hate the EU for what it has done to Europe. We are wanting to leave the EU, not Europe. They are not the same thing.

R. Quirk