THIS time of year is a traditional time for spring cleaning, looking at new carpets and furniture and planning holidays.

We in Ulverston at the town council are about to set a budget to help fund our aims for the year.

The Action Plan includes more work on wobbly and broken pavements, measures to dissuade drivers from parking their car or lorry on pavements and putting resources into longer distance footpaths and cycle ways.

Councillors are also being asked by residents to do more to catch dog walkers, who allow their pet to foul pavements and grassed areas and to find ways of securing better access to transport for towns and rural communities.

Is it time we took these problems much more seriously? Ideas are welcome please.

I am pleased to report that some spending plans have been decided to support bids from community groups to develop and refurbish playgrounds and spaces. Exact details will be in the news in the forthcoming weeks.

Smaller amounts of funds are allocated to 'Art in School' projects, for example to the fabulous Art Space organisation. We are also allocating fund to bus support groups and groups that will provide help for children to learn to clog dance or to visit Brantwood for outdoor activities and exploring the environment and their own talents.

Meanwhile, opportunities to improve your health abound in the town.

On Friday at 11.30am at the Flannery centre, Ulverston Health Initiative extends an open invitation to folk who wish to join the refresh of the scheme and to give it an Action Plan jolt!

This is a group that asks questions of visiting speakers or sets up wellness events to benefit people within the community.

Lunch will be provided.

We will set up more opportunities for individuals to find out about their own health issues, such as short sessions to take people's blood pressure and check their cholesterol level and blood sugar count (a good diabetes indicator).

We had a visitor from a public health manager, Mike Conefrey. to Croftlands Safety Group last Friday. He was so interesting it was decided to ask him to come back soon to tell the group more ways of seeing or finding out ways to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Lets get action planning and get some results in our own communities that we want to see happen.