THE long running roadworks south of Kendal should finally be lifted this week.

The work on the A591 at Prizet has seen a lengthy contraflow put in place in recent weeks which has caused regular delays, particularly for southbound traffic in the evening rush hour.

But a spokesperson for Cumbria County Council confirmed the work was proceeding and was still on target to be completed this week. 

The work between Brettargh Holt roundabout and the junction with the A6 began in mid-October as work commenced on the repair of two major culverts under the road which had been badly damaged by Storm Desmond in 2015.


The work was completed as scheduled just before Christmas but the cones returned in January as further work needed to be completed.

And a contraflow arrangement was imposed a fortnight ago to enable resurfacing work to be carried out.

The spokesperson said the work was behind schedule due to the cold weather which meant surface dressing could not be carried out, but was now proceeding.

He added that CCC had not incurred any additional costs as a result of the overrruning of the work.