THERE has been two incidents of pick-pocketing in Kendal today.

Between 1pm and 2pm today two men and two women in their 20s approached an elderly female and asked her for directions as a distraction before stealing her purse.

Officers said one of the female offenders was wearing a mustard jacket and had her hood up and the other female had dark hair which was up in a ponytail. The two men were wearing jeans and fleeces.

A similar incident occurred in the town centre just before 1pm where an elderly woman also had her purse pick-pocketed.

The offender was described as 5ft1 with long grey or blonde hair and in her 50s. She was also wearing a light grey or blue jacket.

Cumbria Police would like to advise residents and visitors to remain vigilant and alert to their property while in public and to always report incident or suspicions to police on 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in progress.

Police has provided tips to help protect your valuables while out:

•Safety aids such as bells can be added to zips of bags to alert owners should they be disturbed

•Do not keep pin numbers with pin cards or bank details

•Do not leave possession unattended

•Zip bags up when not being used

•Keep bags in front of you not around your back

•Keep an eye on your possession should you be engaged in conversion

•Please share safety advice with vulnerable friends, family or neighbours