Breakfast in America by Supertramp, released on A&M Records 1979, value £80

THIS is one of the most iconic album cover images ever, writes MICHAEL BROOKS. It shows the view of New York from an aeroplane window, but New York with a difference. Instead of the Statue of Liberty we have a girl dressed as a waitress from an American diner named 'Libby' holding a glass of orange juice on a small plate (instead of the torch) with a restaurant menu in the other hand. The background features buildings made from cereal boxes, egg boxes, condiment bottles, including kitchen utensils all spray painted white; the knives and forks represent the harbour piers. The girl, whose real name was Kate Murtagh, was hired for the photo shoot by a model agency and did have a small claim to fame by appearing with the band on tour, opening and closing the show.

Supertramp were a thoroughbred English band formed in 1969 by Rick Davies who recruited the members, as well as Roger Hodgson who became lead vocalist and together with Davies co-wrote all the songs. The name was inspired by the book The Autobiography of a Supertramp, written by Welsh poet and writer W H Davies, also known for his well loved poem Leisure. This was their sixth album. It featured four top hit songs The Logical Song, Goodbye Stranger, Take The Long Way Home and Breakfast in America. It elevated the band to supergroup level leading them to perform in arenas around the world. Six of the songs were performed with a Wurlitzer electric piano which had given the band such a distinguished sound which became widely recognised. It eventually went on to sell 20 million copies earning a Grammy award as best album and one for the best album package of 1980. The entire album is based on references to American culture often referred to as the Land of Dreams. Hodgson was so enamoured, that he and his family eventually relocated to northern California and settled their permanently.

As so often with rock bands who achieve success, members fall out citing musical and personal differences. This led to two Supertramp groups touring the world, one led by Rick Davies and the other by Roger Hodgson. Davies retired in 2015 due to health problems, Hodgson is currently touring as Supertramp's Roger Hodgson.

Breakfast in America is still rated as one of the best albums ever made.