I NOTICE Kent Brooks, in criticising Radiation Free Lakeland (Letters, February 14, 'Mine won't cause quakes') and (Letters, February 21, 'We do not need the EU'), does not look in depth at what he himself is advocating - that is, more nuclear power stations.

He states he worked at Harwell in the 60s, which means he must be well aware that it is impossible to run a nuclear power station without emitting radioactive particles.

Inhaled or ingested particles can cause cancer.

The Kikk report pointed out that more cancers occur the closer one lives to a nuclear power station.

This report has been accepted and acted upon in Germany. It is one of the reasons this country is phasing out nuclear power in addition to the enormous and long-lasting effects of nuclear accidents, and as yet, the unanswerable problem of huge volumes of nuclear waste.

The sooner we are 'Radiation free' the better.

Anita Stirzaker