Walt Disney's Fantasia two record film soundtrack, a 1969 release, on the Buena Vista label, value £50

THE soundtrack of the recent film The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman was top of the UK album charts for 24 consecutive weeks which prompted a reader to ask, "Are film soundtracks collectable?" writes MICHAEL BROOKS.

They definitely are, in fact almost every music genre has collectable vinyl. I read about a Walt Disney collection recently selling for around a £1,000. It seems a lot but when you consider that it consisted of about 100 albums, it only equates to about £10 per record. Some people collect musicals, James Bond themes, sci-fi, even western film soundtracks. I must feature music maestro Ennio Morricone as his early work is rising in value. Film soundtracks are in demand, mostly because record companies are not usually releasing the older films in vinyl anymore.

Fantasia was first recorded in 1940. Walt Disney approached Leopold Stokowski with the idea of introducing classical music to the masses. The basic idea was to take some of the greatest compositions and illustrate them with animated drawings. Disney's animators had to create pictured images that would not only blend with the music but fire the imagination to bring the joy, action, excitement, including the emotion, to the viewer. The film was originally entitled Silly Symphonies but as the film progressed it was dropped. The first piece was The Sorcerer's Apprentice, featuring Mickey Mouse in a visual storyline with no dialogue which was a little difficult as the character, together with the music, had to tell the story.

This album features the greatest music of Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Schubert and others; the scene of the dinosaurs fighting for supremacy with the music of Stravinsky as a backdrop will thrill children and adults of all ages. Fantasia did poorly on its initial release. In 1940 less than 50 per cent of the population did not have a record player, America was on the brink of entering World War Two, but this release in 1969 came with a brand new stereo remastering, including a film release and has since been hailed as a masterpiece. Today's composers, John Williams, Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer and others, are the Mozart's and Beethoven's of today. Most of us are familiar with the Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings music which is instantly recognisable. This is the classical music of today, but do give Fantasia a listen, I'm sure you will love it.