The Westmorland CrossFit Centre in Kendal ran its annual CrossFit Open.

The competition, which was run over a period of five weeks, saw members as well as friends and colleagues take on a different workout each week.

The workout, which was released worldwide throughout the CrossFit community, embraced a competition environment where members can participate in the comfort of their own gym.

Each workout is kept secret until the last minute so that each member is prepared for any type of challenge, while the centre built a programme that would prepare the community for any physical exercise.

The target for each member was to beat the world ranking from the previous year and to have as much fun as possible.

This is a community which continues to thrive where people who are new to CrossFit continue to join the centre on Aynam Road.

More than 40 per cent of beginners have joined within the last 12 month, while the centre caters for any ability and offers free taster sessions.

Anyone interested can send a message to their Facebook page (Westmorland Cross Fit Centre) or phone 01539 731554.