Perhaps I could enlighten Roy Hackney (Lettres, March 21, 'Is it really so unequal?) as to why the WASPIs are so cross.

If you pay into a club for 40 years on the promise that you will get a cream cake at the end of it and then you are told after 35 years, oh wait, you have to keep paying for five more years – nope, changed our minds, make that eight more years – and, no, you can’t save up for your own cream cake because you are a single woman with a child, you might be a bit miffed too.

We understand that life changes – but it’s the sudden cut-off point and the long years wait ahead that is so unjust. If they had staggered it, we had at least a slice of our promised cake it would stave off the hunger pangs

P. Grenville-Evans