I AM the chairman of the Kendal and District Cycle Scene (KDCS) cycling club and I am writing to complain about the unfair and unjust fare increases introduced by Cumbria County Council on the Windermere ferry.

Last year the ferry was out of commission for many months following an engine room incident, inconveniencing thousands of commuters and holiday makers.

Following its recent reintroduction it was promptly taken out of commission for three weeks for a refit. Many commuters have asked why this couldn’t have been done as part of the repair process.

We all remember the appalling fiasco of the ticket machines introduction and the resulting queues, delays and reduction in service.

Given the World Heritage Site status of the Lake District National Park and the constant push to encourage tourists to visit the magnificent area this sends out a very negative image.

Many countries around the world experiencing unforeseen problems seem to respond so much more quickly in getting infrastructure and services back to normal. Here we are still waiting for bridges to be repaired/reinstated years after Storm Desmond devastated the area.

Not content with such poor service and a total disregard for loyal passengers they have now taken the decision to significantly raise fares.

There is a 100 per cent increase in the fare for foot passengers and cyclists when we are constantly being told they want to reduce the impact of motor vehicles. Indeed a car with four passengers costs £5 yet were the same four individuals using their bikes it would cost them £8.

I urge readers and all users of the ferry service to urgently write to CCC to complain about the unfair increases and ask them to reduce these discriminatory charges for pedestrians and cyclists.

Many of our club members use this service and I shall be writing to CCC on their behalf. I do hope the other cycling groups in a Kendal take similar action.

Steve Warner