A Yorkshire-based charity are aiming to produce a children's book centred on Ingleborough, and they are inviting the public to help them with this.

The book will tell the story of the Ingleborough area through stone features and objects. Its development is being led by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) - a charity based in Clapham, North Yorkshire, who are dedicated to looking after "the unique heritage, habitats, and communities of the Dales."

Debbie Boswell, YDMT's interpretation officer, said: "Ingleborough's fantastic geology is the foundation of thousands of years of human settlement, and the interaction between people and place is particularly rich in this area.

"This means that there's a wealth of interesting stone features, places and objects to discover which, piece by piece, build up a picture of the local geography, history, people and architecture."

YDMT is inviting people to send in suggestions of stone features that have some historical, cultural or natural significance. This could be a connection with a historical event or person, a link with a local legend or folk-tale, or because the site shows how the landscape was formed.

Each feature needs to be publicly accessible, as the book will include a number of circular walking trails that will take in several features along the way.

Ms Boswell added: "The area includes a lot of well-known features that could be included but we'd also like the book to have a few surprises by including some that aren't as well known. The common thread in the stories needs to be the basic ingredient of rock and stone."

To make a suggestion contact Ms Boswell on 015242 51002 or email debbie.boswell@ydmt.org. The closing date is 30 April and contributors of suggestions that are included in the book will have the option of being credited.