Roedean Moira House’s Andrew Wood has pledged to cycle from the girls’ school in Eastbourne’s Upper Carlisle Road to Lake Windermere – a route he chose because it was the journey that pupils from his school took back in 1940 when they were evacuated up to Lake Windermere.

Mr Wood, a self-confessed sports fanatic, chose the charity after cycling along Beachy Head many times and being struck by the fantastic work done by Beachy Head Chaplaincy (BHC).

BHC has responded to more than 5500 incidents on Beachy Head since it was established in 2004. An entirely voluntary service, funds raised pay for the powering of searchlights, search vehicles and the training of new chaplains to patrol the area.


Mr Wood said: “Thankfully, society is now at a point where good mental health is something that we are happy to talk about and I wanted to send a message to the pupils, staff and parents at school how important I felt that was.

"Everyone lives’ are affected in one way or another by mental health issues - whether they suffer themselves or know someone who does. It’s something we should be talking about in schools too, particularly in light of the tragic death of young Molly Russell highlighted in the news recently.”

Mr Wood will set off on Saturday of the Easter weekend and hopes to arrive by Tuesday.

He added: “It’s an awful long way and I don’t like to think about how my legs are going to feel when I get back to school. The girls have been incredibly supportive, however, and I am determined not to let them, or BHC, down!”