WHEN introducing your toddler to a new baby care needs to be taken.

Firstly, deciding when you tell your toddler needs some thought. Bear in mind it could be a long pregnancy if your little one is constantly asking when will our new baby be here? A new baby brings about change for all in the family and this might be a tricky time for your toddler too.

Here are some tips for making that transition as smooth as possible:

• Keep to your toddler’s routine as much as is possible.

• Celebrate with your toddler that they are now a big brother or sister – buy a small toy from baby.

• Make sure you and your toddler enjoy some quality alone time together.

• Involve your little one in helping with the baby – elicit their help in what the baby should wear, or ask “what song should we sing to the baby?”

• Highlight to your child why babies cry for instance – and how grown up he or she is because they have learned to speak and can ask for what they want.

• Talk about when they were smaller - look at photographs together and note the similarities between baby and toddler.

If your child regresses be gentle. This occurs when a toddler unconsciously thinks that ‘mummy or daddy loves the baby, if I am a baby again, they will love me.’ This can be frustrating as a parent as this is the time when you need your child to be more independent. A little patience will go a long way at this time.

See: www.parentandbabycoach.co.uk

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