AN innovative cold brewed coffee, that has already taken the USA by storm, has been perfected by the UK's oldest coffee merchant.

Kendal-based John Farrer & Co is leading the charge on these shores of the nitro cold brew. Cold brew coffee is stored in kegs and infused with nitrogen gas as it is released through a pressurised valve system. It produces a cold, silky drink with a creamy head that is usually drunk black.

Getting cold brewed coffee involves steeping coffee grounds in water for around 24 hours. It produces a concentrated coffee essence, which is then diluted according to taste and served chilled, often over ice.

They deliver a range of flavour compounds that are mellower, sweeter and have a lower acidity compared to their hot brew cousins. Drinks can be served with just sugar, caramel or chocolate syrup or they can be infused with Baileys, Tia Maria or whisky.