WOMEN are being invited to give rugby a try at a Warrior Camp at Windermere Rugby Club on Wednesday (May 15).

The camp is designed to offer potential players "a less daunting introduction to rugby" through fun team-based activities.

More than 10,000 women across the country have enjoyed a taster at Warrior Camps since January 2017.

Vicky Macqueen, former England Rugby international, said: “Rugby is a team sport and so the teamwork and camaraderie that comes with that is awesome for confidence and a sense of belonging.

"The physical benefits are brilliant too: you will get stronger, leaner, faster and healthier and this in turn has a positive impact on your mental health. Rugby makes you feel good about yourself, especially after the endorphins released from playing the game.

“I owe many friendships, personal achievements and my physical fitness and health to the sport of rugby, and I am all about inspiring more and more people to pick up a ball and give it a try.”

The Warrior Camp will take place from 6.30pm to 8pm at Dawes Meadow, Longlands Road, Bowness.

Organisers say all that is needed is a pair of trainers, your usual workout gear and a "have a go" attitude.