A five-year-old boy has swapped his presents for donations this year in his bid to fix the community park.

Otis Elliott, who attends Low Furness CE Primary School, urged his classmates to donate money towards fixing Urswick Park rather than gifts for his fifth birthday.

The class rallied together in raising £185 for the broken netting and bench for the school's nearby park.

Mum, Nicola Kelly, 34, said Otis felt inspired to swap his birthday gifts for donations after his fundraising efforts the year before.

She said: "Last year he and some classmates helped raise money towards a toilet in Africa and he got quite a lot of praise for it.

"Straight away he said he wanted to do something again this year."

Otis, who regularly plays in Urswick Park, had noticed the playground's broken netting which he felt determined to fix.

He said: "I saw the nets were broken and wanted to be kind.

"I didn't mind giving up my presents."

Sue Little, Headteacher of Low Furness CE Primary School, praised Otis' kindness.

She said: "We were overwhelmed with what Otis did last year and it was lovely to hear he wanted to do something charitable again.

"We can all see how much it means to him too.

"It's lovely to be able to celebrate this story."

Ms Little described the park as a 'vital part of the community' which Otis helped to restore.

She said: "It's fantastic for the community.

"All the parents and kids go there after school so it's a real sociable and friendly place."

Chairwoman of Urswick Playground Association, Jo Ritchie, thanked Otis and his classmates for their generosity.

She said: "The park can cost thousands to fix so a massive contribution like this really goes a long way.

"We want to express our thanks to all the pupils and parents who donated the money, it's just fantastic."

Miss Kelly said this is just the start of Otis' fundraising efforts.

She said: "He's definitely got the bug now, it will continue."