SCREEN time and the use of it has to be monitored by us as parents and care givers, as excessive use of it can cause difficulties such as poor well-being and obesity for our little ones in the future.

As parents and care givers we need to have space and time to meet our own needs, as well as getting stuff done around the home. Travelling on long journeys can also be tricky times – it is, of course, fine to use screen on these occasions in order to amuse our children and reduce boredom.

The problems begin when a screen becomes your go to means of occupying your child, rather than taking time to talk, sing, play and explore with them.

A report from the World Health Organisation in April this year stated in order to grow up healthy, children under five must spend less time sitting watching screens. It advises that sedentary screen time should be no more than one hour, though states that less is better. Sedentary time should instead be spent sharing a story, doing puzzles, singing, painting and being creative.

Of course, a direct effect of excessive screen use is that families become less communicative. If all family members (including parents) are sitting with a screen in front of them, then this is definitely a recipe for a breakdown in communication. Having conversations together is essential for good relationship building.

Talking with your children will not only help them with their speech and language ability – you will also teach them how to listen and absorb information.


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