YOUR vote at the EU elections may seem pointless in the current situation, but please think on this.

We may still need our EU members in the future if the current Brexit shamble continues to run. You cannot complain about the outcome of elections if you waste your vote.

Britain is in a real crisis and in need careful management. We must send an unequivocal message to politicians to listen to our concerns and sort them out.

Check out the policies of those parties who have issued a manifesto - these do seem to be lacking in visibility. Again we are being asked to vote without knowing the full details of policies on which to make a sensible decision. Brexit all over again!

Some parties welcome the idea of continuing the present demolition of the NHS by stealth. They prefer to have it taken over by the American system of health insurance. This will only benefit the conglomerate companies who control the system, and their investors. Are you in agreement with that happening?

Many parties are in total denial that our planet is in a downward spiral of abuse, many species are facing immediate extinction and the environment which supports them is in crisis all over the world from the polar ice-caps to the equatorial forests.

Governments and global businesses are left unpunished for the decisions influencing climate change and our own well-being. Do you think that is sensible or fair approach?

Support for financial institutions and global banks seems to be the only policy behind government thinking. Do you agree that our world should be so dominated by greed alone?

Public assistance for the poor, the homeless, the sick and disabled are a very low priority for some of the parties. Does that seem fair to you?

Our politicians have led us down a crumbling path for too long and maybe a new sort of political thinking is needed to shake them out of their comfortable cocoons.

So please think seriously about where you put your X at the election on May 23. Which party offers the correct approach to answering the above questions to your satisfaction? Above all, please use your vote!

Roy Wilcock