American Graffiti, film soundtrack, two record set with gatefold sleeve, released on MCA record label 1973, value £45 plus

MOST of us have a favourite film that we can watch over and over again, this is mine, writes MICHAEL BROOKS.

The film tells the story of a group of teenagers and their adventures over a single night in the town of Modesto, California. All that happens on that day in 1962 changes their lives forever; nothing would ever be the same again. American Graffiti was shot in 27/28 days. It was made on a budget of $777,000 yet made a return of more than $150,000,000. It won the Golden Globe for best picture, including five academy awards; it is also known as the film 'that launched a thousand careers.' Most of the actors were relatively unknown: Richard Dreyfuss went on to star in the blockbuster Jaws, Ron Howard starred in Happy Days and became a famous film director, and Harrison Ford is perhaps best remembered as either Han Solo or Indiana Jones. George Lucas, who made American Graffiti, went on to write and produce the Star Wars films. He always claimed this film was semi-autobiographical; it takes you back to a time when all you had to worry about was your car, your girl, your music and your friends. It is not just a great film, but a brilliant work of historical fiction. The movie's success was in remembering exactly how it was to be alive in that moment. The musical soundtrack is a non-stop collection of the most memorable rock and roll, doo-wop and love songs of that era. The music prevails all the way through the film. The radio was on every waking moment, not just in cars but in every teenagers room. A character in the film only realises that his car, parked nearby, has been stolen when he realises the music has stopped; he didn't hear the car being driven away.

The album was one of the best sellers of 1973, reaching triple platinum, which is remarkable considering the musical content is made up of 'various artists' with most of the songs having already sold more than a million copies years ago. MCA went on to release a further two albums of music from the film. They reflect an innocence of times that were enjoyable, but in all probability will never come again.

This is a gentle, touching, wonderful film with an unforgettable musical soundtrack. I heartily recommend it for teenagers of all ages.