Absolutely my most favourite weekend, of the Ulverston year, is that of Another Fine Fest. It really is astonishingly good.

After just five years, Another Fine Fest has established itself as one of the firm favourites in Ulverston’s festival calendar. It is one of the most well-attended with estimates of up to 15,000 revellers flocking to Ulverston for the 2017 instalment.

The festival is also a world record holder, with 1,180 people joining together to secure a Guinness World Record for the biggest-ever shaving foam pie fight in 2016 - which was hilariously good fun.

It’s held on the weekend nearest to Stan Laurel’s birthday. So, this year it’s the 15th and 16th June 2019, when Ulverston erupts in a multicoloured feast of live music, DJs, circus, street theatre, live street art, window painting, yarnbombing, stand up and various other weird and wonderful activity.

One of this year's weird activities is a Another Fine Fairground: “Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, thrill seekers and candy floss eaters. Prepare to be flabbergasted by the spectacle that is ‘Another Fine Fairground’. A stunning parade, pieced together by the incredible Ulverston Community, will colourfully and gloriously wind its way through the streets. It will feature the premier of the Human Bowler-coaster.”

Mr Alexander’s Travelling Show will be welcomed back to AFF after his smash hit debut last year. Two local acts to perform there are Ulverston’s very own songstress Becki Fishwick, who will give us her ‘acoustic retro’ set. She is lso the winner of Glastonbury’s Leftfield best new artist award Jon Byrne.

But possibly the biggest coup of this years festival is the booking of Tony Walsh (Longfella). The Mancunian poet has performed widely around the UK and Europe, at festivals and workshops, and for the British Council.

His poem ‘This is the Place’, was recited in front of many thousands at the vigil at the Manchester Town Hall after the awful bombings there. The poem has since been licensed and used to raise £200,000 for the survivors of the bombing.

Tony is going to perform his own work and the winning shortlist of Zosia Wand’s Another Fine Limerick competition (closing deadline Tuesday, June 11 - post your limerick in the Limerick Post Box in the Indoor Market).

However, Tony is also going to read something really magical and that is an awesome poem put together of everything we love about our town, the things that make it different and mighty fine. Words, lines and ideas have been collected and will by combined into a collaborative poem by local author and poet Caroline Gilfillan. The poem will be displayed around town and then read by Tony.

So, you see, it really is going to be an astonishing couple of days. There is absolutely something for everybody at Another Fine Fest.