WITH the Conservatives poised to select their next leader and so become the new Prime Minister, this crucial decision will be determined by the Tory membership of around 100,000 or so and the remaining UK population will look on.

As it is likely any new leader will be extremely Brexit sympathetic, in the interests of simple fairness, does it not become more vital than ever that we are all given a final say to endorse, or otherwise, whatever Brexit deal – or no deal – is cooked up?

I have often heard that any suggestion of a confirmatory people’s vote would be a flagrant betrayal of the ‘democratic will of the people’ as expressed in 2016.

Regardless of all the misinformation and half-truth pedalled by both sides at that time, I struggle to understand why offering more democracy pertaining such an important issue as our EU membership, should be so readily dismissed as a ‘betrayal’.

Yet, for the majority of us to be denied a say in the selection of our new future Prime Minister, this looks likely to be as meekly accepted as the Conservative’s dismissal of Lancashire County Council’s democratic decision to ban gas fracking in that county.

When I consider these matters, I wonder if some democratic decisions are deemed more equal than others in this country.

Trevor Pollard

Newby Bridge