I READ the report about Peter and Bronwen Osborne opening up their garden on Mewith Lane at Tatham for the 30th years running and raising funds for charity (Gazette, May 23, 'Honour for garden pair').

As a result my partner and I visited their garden on Bank Holiday Monday.

We can strongly recommend a visit to your readers for a number of reasons. For the keen gardener the planting variety and garden

design throughout the six acres or so is excellent with Peter and Bronwen Osborne on hand to answer queries at all times.

For children there are several aspects of interest. The space generally has many hidden corners to be explored, there is a statue of Don Quixote, a temple, pyramid and a fish made of CDs.

For those interested in nature there is Lake Setaside, created in 1991 as a wildlife area and supporting a host of wetland and woodland birds.

Anyone interested in a quiet area for meditation might wish to ponder some of the Zen creations and the Garden of Life where the light, colour and planting emphasise the aspects of eternal life.

The gardens are open from time to time in support of local charities and those supported by the National Garden Scheme.

Robert Metcalf