I AM going to talk about noctilucent clouds again this week, so if you're bored of them I'd flick over to the classifieds or the latest news about New Road car park, writes STUART ATKINSON.

We're now around three weeks into the 2019 Noctilucent Cloud season - which runs from the end of May to the beginning of August - and already it's shaping up to be a a very good one, perhaps one of the best for a long time. Although the bad weather that has draped itself over Cumbria meant we missed seeing them, there have been displays of NLC every night for the past week and conditions should only get better now as the days and weeks pass. Early this morning there was a really beautiful display of them painted across the pre-dawn sky, with bright silvery-white streamers and feathers of NLC stretching from the north west to the north east. All this means that you absolutely must keep an eye on the northern sky around midnight on any clear night now through the summer; if you don't you run the risk of missing seeing something genuinely amazing.

Unfortunately displays of NLC can't be predicted in the same way that displays of the northern lights can. By monitoring activity on the Sun we now often get two days warning of a northern lights display, but NLC just - appear. You can improve your chances of seeing them by following NLC watchers like me on social media, but there's simply no substitute for getting out there and looking for yourself. So, on any clear night over the next month and a half look to the north from midnight - you might see something beautiful.