The Definitive Vinyl Album Box Set (7 x 2 LP, USB stick box set) by Elbow released on the Fiction record label 2012, value £200

WHO actually says how much an album is worth? writes MICHAEL BROOKS. The answer is a list of variables beginning with research into the latest prices at record fairs, shops, including sales from mail order and online. Then we have reports from music publications that have a column for buying and selling vinyl records and there are consultants and experts who regularly buy and sell records in their own particular specialist areas. The bottom line is simply that there is no fixed price for any record no matter how rare it is. The price of a record is determined by what people are prepared to pay for it. All I do is list the value for a record in mint condition. Most people have an old copy that in all probability is slightly worn, scuffed, scratched or stained, so the value will come down a little. I do assure you dear reader, that I take great pains to present all the facts relating to the history of the record to be as accurate as possible, admittedly, there has been an odd occasion that I have made a mistake, but not very often.

I once read that one needs to acquire a taste to appreciate the music of the band Elbow. I am inclined to agree. I find it almost impossible to define their musical genre. They do not seem to fit into any musical tradition or genre, yet they have a sound of warm nostalgia that reminds you of chapters in your own life.

Formed in Bury, Greater Manchester in 1990 with frontman Guy Garvey, Craig Potter, Mark Potter and Pete Turner, they became Elbow in 1997 inspired by a quote in the TV drama The Singing Detective; a character in the play describes the word 'elbow' as the loveliest word in the English language. In their early days they were influenced by the early music of the band Genesis when they had Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett as members; they eventually developed their own style of music with story related power ballads with songs One Day Like This and Grounds For Divorce both winning Ivor Novella awards for best songs. This collection, which is already out of print, features their first five albums, all double vinyl, including Live At Abbey Road with a studio audience and Dead In The Boots, a compilation of 'B' sides, comprising a total of 14 twelve inch discs, including a USB/memory stick, unusual for a record collection. Elbow have been going for more than 20 years. Still filling arenas, they occasionally perform with full piece orchestras with most of the audience singing along, almost as if they were national anthems, indeed, some probably are. This box collection will take you on a journey, where to? You will have to find out.