Mr Imrie’s question is spot on (Letters, June 13, '52 per cent to leave the EU').

The ‘Lib Dem’ Party’s blatant opposition to the majority vote of the electorate to leave ‘EU’ is, in effect, opposing democracy. I expect a spokesperson will state that it’s not as simple as that and to say referendums are not binding in law. So why are they campaigning for another one?

They inherited their party name from the Liberals merger with the Social Democrats. Yet that is in name only, if their preference is for continued undemocratic EU rule over the UK.

It begs the question why their MPs take advantage of majority voting, often elected by a small majority and yet their party leadership has the audacity to continue to disregard the referendum result, indicating they know best and not us, the electorate. That is not upholding democracy!

Perhaps they should change their name to the ‘Liberal EUcrats’.

C. Ashton