I READ your report 'Council payoffs slammed' (Gazette, June 6). It stated that one recipient was paid a £74,731 lump sum, then £38,481 for work already done plus a pension payment of £248,941.

The second recipient didn’t do quite as well as he got £83k for work already done, nearly £75k in a lump sum and £11k pension.

The work already done l can live with but what do these people do to earn this vast amount of money and why do we have to pay them vast amounts of money to get rid of them?

It is immoral that CCC squanders our money, but it’s always been well known that spending someone else’s money is easy! Governments are good at it too!

Driving along Helmside Road l was held up by traffic lights and took note that it took five to six men to dig a hole. If they were all on £40k, which I’m sure they are, there goes another £240k.

Once upon a time it took one man to dig one hole and that was without a mechanical digger! That man deserved his £40k!

It would be great if you were in business and you could spend someone else’s money with virtual impunity.

John Robinson

Old Hutton