CUMBRIA in Bloom has come to Ulverston once again this year and on July 1 the judges visited to evaluate the efforts of the town and the BID!

The judges were met by the Ulverston BID for a reception and a short presentation from myself as chairman of the BID. From there, the group started the trail at the County Square, visited the Jubilee Gardens and saw the quaint Insect Hotel and recycling scheme of compost bins, followed by a walk down the County Road.

Next was the Brewery Street car park and a showcase of the home of private residents Clifford and Kathleen, who have carefully decorated their home front with a beautiful array of bright flowers – a must-see!

Delving further into the town’s high street, the judges and the BID travelled up Market Street, King Street and through Mill Street, spotting the hanging baskets which were arranged by the businesses themselves. Up next was The Pound, a future project with a historical background dating back as far as the 17th century.

From here they continued onwards through Mill Street and then passed through Smith Court and into Buxton Place, which is an excellent example of the new planters and beds that have arose from working with the town council, South Lakeland District Council and communities. Afterwards, they passed through Lower Buxton Street until they reached Bolton Place, which showcases local businesses and is a future project for the Ulverston BID.

In the final stretch of the trail, the BID and judges walked through New Market Street, past The Sun Inn and looped back around to the Coronation Hall, where they were driven up to The Monument, the impressive tower erected in 1850 to commemorate Sir John Barrow. From here, they walked down to Ford Park and enjoyed the scenery while having lunch on the balcony there.

This year’s Bloom Project went forward with multiple objectives, but the overall goal was to give the town a smart, professional and vibrant appearance, making both visitors and locals feel secure and welcome in the town centre. Working with volunteer groups and local schools has allowed for a closer sense of involvement from the local community, and the installation of 100 hanging baskets on shop fronts has brought businesses into the inner folds of the Bloom project.

Furthermore, the efforts of the town and the Ulverston BID have allowed Ulverston as a tourist destination to shine, as the addition of planters, hanging baskets and the cleaning and weeding of the streets have made the town more attractive to possible day and leisure visitors, providing that added ‘wow factor’ and instilling a sense of security and wellbeing for visitors.

Showcased by this year’s Ulverston Bloom project, BIDs can have a positive and visible impact on the working relations in a town, delivering projects as a community and being rewarded with both local and national recognition for the work done and impact had in the town and community. The Ulverston BID has been working with Ulverston Bloom, the town council, SLDC, Gill Banks, the civic society and Incredible Edible with the schools, UCE and UCP all together so the Ulverston in Bloom project can expand with the help of the local community this year and for many more to come.

Overall, it is imperative the BID actively supports the businesses and local community, with the recent Bloom Project displaying how collaborative efforts and thinking in the local area can go a long way in concreting the community’s faith in the business community of Ulverston.

If you would like to experience the judges’ walk and comment yourself, please use or download the LoyalFree app to your smartphone and use the Trails feature.