AN IMMACULATE example of a Volvo 145, which dominated the estate market in the late 60s and early 70s, is now on display at the Lakeland Motor Museum in Backbarrow.

A tweet sent out by Drew Pritchard, presenter of TV’s Salvage Hunters - who got a sneak-peek of the car earlier this year, resulted in a spike of interest online as fans described the Volvo 145 as “stunning”, a “Swedish battle cruiser” and “a proper work horse”.

“This car has attracted so much attention in recent weeks. 30 or 40 years ago there were a lot of these on the roads, but you rarely spot one these days – certainly in this condition, so seeing one now unlocks a lot of nostalgia in people, even if they’re not huge car enthusiasts," said the museum’s Operations Manager Chris Lowe.

The vehicle was donated by the same person who also gifted a Humber Hawk estate to the museum earlier this year, which has proved to be a massive hit with visitors.

“Sadly, we have been informed that the owner recently passed away," said Mr Lowe.

"We are therefore very proud to display this vehicle, partly in tribute to her. This car is part of her legacy now and we send everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her, our very best wishes.”