LAST week saw stunning performances of the Ben Elton/Queen hit show We Will Rock You at Kendal's Brewery Arts Centre, writes JOHN NICHOLLS. The annual Queen Katherine School musical by Caz Barber and her team is always highly enjoyable, but this was bringing things to a new height. Hyperbolic words like 'fantastic', 'fabulous' and the ubiquitous 'amazing' are often applied to school musicals, but this school production fully deserved all three adjectives. Whilst Killer Queen, played by Bradley Hamilton, was a real show stealer, the superb acting and singing of the lead characters - Alfie Shepherd as Galileo, Lily Maiden as Scaramouche, Phineas Worsley as Britney Spears, Bernadette Dixon as Meatloaf, Jonah Aldridge as Pop and the comic duo of Killer Queen's commanders in the shape of Jake Bryant and Max Geuer Lees - meant that they led the cast from the front in such an assured way that at times it was hard to believe they were only students. Together with the well choreographed chorus scenes involving the Gaga kids, the Super Yuppies, the Police and the Bohemians, plus the slickness of the production overall, meant that the standing ovation given to the cast at the end of each performance was richly deserved. A final word also about the band, who, under the direction of ex QKS music student Fergus Leach, were outstanding, especially the sound-alike Brian May. All in all, an absolutely wonderful performance for director/producer Caz Barber to round off her career as she retires at the end of the school year.