REVELLERS gathered in the fierce heat for a traditional day of Lake District sport.

The Ambleside Sports day at Rydal Park featured fell running, wrestling, and various other energy sapping events.

As the sun beat down, visitors were also able to amble between a multitude of different stalls, offering everything from doughnuts and cheese to jewellery and dog treats.

One of the most gruelling events of the day was the nine-mile Rydal Round fell race, with one competitor being treated for heat exhaustion. It was won by firefighter Ricky Lightfoot, of Ellenborough AC, in 1-25-12.

Ricky, 34, holds the record for the course (1-17, set in 2011) but pointed out that conditions on the day were difficult.

“That’s possibly the hottest I have felt in the UK. I’m just glad it wasn’t further,” he said.

Kelli Roberts, of Helm Hill, was first lady with a time of 1-42-41.

Overall winner of the shorter, steeper Guides race was Simon Bailey, of Mercia Fell Runners Club based in the West Midlands, in a time of 14-00. First lady was Staveley’s Sharon Taylor, of Helm Hill, with a time of 18-23. Kelli Roberts came in as second lady just five seconds behind. Sharon said: “I was lucky that Kelli did the Rydal Round and won that, so I had the advantage.”

The standout performers in the cycling were Dave Mitchinson, who won all the senior events, and Olivia Bent, who won all the ladies’ races. Olivia said: “The heat made it a lot more tiring because you’re quite fatigued before you’ve even started, so it’s quite difficult.”

Like the cycling, the track events are handicapped according to ability to ensure that every race is closely contested. Nevertheless, it was still very impressive to see Tony Bowman, 83, of Guiseley, cross the 200m line in first place. “I have always loved feeling fit,” said Tony, who has suffered heart failure in the past. “I used to train every day but now I need a day’s rest in between!”

The Brocklebank brothers featured heavily in the wrestling, with Graham winning the 14 stone class and Thomas edging out brother Ben to win the all weights category.


Fell race winners by event, time included:

Guides under 9

First boy - Isaac Reeday - 05-54

First girl - Bethan Buckley - 06-32

Guides under 12

First boy - Jacob Reeday - 08-05

First girl - Lucille Pickles - 09-35

Guides under 14

First boy - Charlie Allmond - 12-03

First girl - Eve Whitaker - 13-39

Guides under 17

First boy - Finlay Grant - 15-48

First girl - Alexandra Whitaker -18-43

Guides senior

First man - Simon Bailey - 14-00

First lady - Sharon Taylor - 18-23

Rydal Round

First man - Ricky Lightfoot - 1-25-12

First lady - Kelli Roberts - 1-42-41

Track winners by event:

90m under 17 - Lisa Barlow

200m under 17 - Joe Humphries

800m under 17 - Alex Thompson

90m senior - James Barlow

200m senior - Tony Bowman

400m senior - David Bowness

800m senior - Matthew Merrick

Cycling winners by event:

500m ladies - Olivia Bent

800m ladies - Olivia Bent

1500m ladies - Olivia Bent

500m senior - Dave Mitchinson

800m senior -Dave Mitchinson

1600m senior - Dave Mitchinson

Devil take the Hindmost - Dave Mitchinson

Wrestling winners by class:

Schools - Mason Benson

Under 12 years - Harvey Murray

Boys under 15 years - Alfie Spedding

Girls under 15 years - Rosie Hodgson

Under 18 years - Thomas Davidson

Ladies 10.5 stone - Kelsey Cordukes

Ladies all weights - Connie Hodgson

Boys 8 stone - Miles Stainton

11.5 stone - Jack Brown

12.5 stone - Jack Brown

14 stone - Graham Brocklebank

All weights - Thomas Brocklebank

Guinness Trophy

Senior - Jack Brown

Junior - Miles Stainton


Senior - Richard Fox

Junior - Thomas Wilson