WAITING for exam results can be stressful and generate a lot of anxiety, but there are things you can do right now to ease some of the anxiety and be a step ahead when it comes to Clearing 2019.


You can start exploring and researching a new course right now. Whether you think you may not have the right exam results or you are having second thoughts about the choice you have made, you can research and make a shortlist of university courses that interest you. This is the whole point of clearing. Whether you want to make a late application, need a back-up if you do not get the right A levels or other qualifications, or you want to change to another university or course, you can prepare now and take the stress out of Clearing.


Now is an excellent opportunity to revisit your statement and reflect on the strengths, skills and experiences you highlighted at the time, so you can communicate this clearly and effectively when you speak to UCAS and the universities you contact. Reading your statement again should also help you remember what your priorities were then, and establish what they are now – it may prompt you to consider different things when looking for new courses in Clearing. This will also help you keep in mind your experience and strengths if you are called for an interview, or need to answer any questions over the phone.


  • Make sure you are not away on holiday when you are due to get your results – 16 August
  • Involve your parents, teachers, and others, to support you and provide advice
  • Go into school or college on exam results day to get the exact marks and UCAS points, and talk with your teachers/lecturers about next steps if you do not get the results you expect, or you want to change your choice of course or university


Clearing can be very stressful, but our team at the University of Cumbria are here to help. There are still spaces available in a few of our courses, including Policing, Law, Nursing, Sports Rehabilitation, Arts, Teaching, and Primary Health. And if you don’t make the grades necessary, you can still do an Integrated Foundation Degree to get you ready for your course of choice.

Give our Clearing Hotline a call today on  0808 273 8784 for a free 1-2-1 discovery session with one of our experts, to discuss your options. We’ve got you.

You can also find us at the following roadshows in Cumbria:

August 16 - Carlisle City Centre

August 17 - Carlisle 'Fake' Festival

August 31 – Kendal

September 13 – Workington

For more information about our roadshows visit www.cumbria.ac.uk or follow the show as it moves around the county and other areas, via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

See you there!

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