THE chick of a popular pair of ospreys has taken its first flight.

Known as Blue 400, she made the tentative foray away from her nest at Bassenthwaite just eight weeks after hatching.

Barbara Thompson, from the Lake District Osprey Project, said: “She did a few wobbly circuits flying over her mum’s head. Then mum accompanied her back to the nest, flying over her to keep her in view.”

Ms Thompson added: “She is learning to use her powerful wings and will be making lots of short flights around the area to build up her strength, ready to make her first incredible migration in just a few weeks’ time.”

There are two Osprey viewpoints at Dodd Wood, by Bassenthwaite Lake, open every day from 10am to 5pm until the end of the month. The viewpoints will be manned by staff and volunteers, and there is parking at the Sawmill Tearooms.