JACQUETTA Gomes, secretary of the Buddhist Group of Kendal (Theravada), has celebrated a 25th anniversary in her faith.

Back in August 1994, Jacquetta Gomes took the Bodhicari Precepts, which are followed by lay practitioners who wish to make a deeper commitment to Buddhism.

Mrs Gomes was one of the first people in the UK to take the precepts and become a Bodhicari, meaning she can teach, lead religious events and conduct weddings and funerals.

She marked the 25-year milestone by leading a meditation on loving kindness at a retreat at the Ketumati monastery in Manchester, which is led by Sri Lankan-born monk Venerable Pidiville Piyatissa.

Mrs Gomes was presented with a Bodhicari sash in September 2011 at a retreat for the Buddhist Group of Kendal, held at Kendal fire station's community room. It was thought to be the first such retreat held in an operational fire station in England.