I READ, with some concern for the members, that the South Lakeland District Council pension scheme is underfunded (Gazette, August 1, 'Pension costs are set to soar').

When that happened to the private sector scheme I was in, it was closed as the employer couldn't afford the shortfall, and it entered into the Pension Protection Fund.

Entering the PPF immediately reduces one's pension by 10 per cent and the pension paid is reduced by the years one was a member divided by the number of years one was expected to be in membership.

It was no fault of mine, like it is no fault of council employees, and I feel sorry for them that it should come to this.

It won't, of course, because those of us on reduced pensions, less generous schemes or no pension at all will find ourselves with higher council tax bills to make up the gold-plated index-linked council scheme shortfall - is that fair?

David Taylor