WHEN their coach became stuck in a huge traffic jam on a German autobahn, the K Shoes Male Voice Choir's appearance at a prestigious festival looked in doubt.

With just 60 minutes to curtain up on the opening night, the Kendal choir was still in a lay-by as their driver took an enforced break.

But they decided to get changed into their concert outfits on the coach to speed things up, and after just making it on stage at the Rinteln Altstadtfest on time, they brought the house down with a rip-roaring show.

"It was brilliant," said the choir's chairman Stephen Richardson.

"I think having to get changed on the coach was just so funny, it got us into the right frame of mind for the festival."

The local newspaper even reported the event under the strapline ‘Always up for a good party: the guests from Kendal.’

The crowd loved the songs and the choir was treated to beers and food for the rest of the evening, together with demands for a second set of songs that night.

On a more serious note, the most poignant moment of the trip was a Sunday church concert the choir dedicated to Dietrich Lange, much loved leader of the Rinteln Partnership Towns who had passed away the previous week.

Many of the audience were moved to tears by the singing and the choir received a standing ovation after the performance.

In the meantime, K Shoes Male Voice Choir will be performing locally at St Mary’s Church, Kirkby Lonsdale on September 28.

The 35 strong choir would always welcome new members, and if you would like to join, contact them via their website http://www.kshoesmvc.org/.