KENDAL is unlikely to get two new CCTV cameras after the town council agreed not to pursue grant money for their installation.

Two locations had been suggested for the cameras - Gooseholme and the bottom end of Kirkland close to the Gillinggate and Dowker’s Lane junctions - but councillors passed up the opportunity to apply for funding.

In July, the Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office invited parish councils to submit applications to receive £3,000 in funding for each camera installed. Town clerk Liz Richardson told the council meeting on Monday (September 2) that the estimated cost of each camera - including installation - was £8,000.

Once the grant money was subtracted from the £16,000, this would mean the remaining £10,000 would need to come from the 2020/21 development fund. She added that the cost of maintaining the cameras would be £1,500 per camera, per year. However, it was not guaranteed that the CCTV system would remain past December 2022 when the existing Cumbria Constabulary CCTV contract expires.

Cllr Stephen Coleman said: “At the moment there seems to be some black spots in CCTV coverage of our town. It (the cameras) would help our police to be more effective.”

Cllr Adam Edwards said: “Investing in people rather than cameras is probably a better way forward.

“I’d prefer to see more action in actually tackling the issues where they are, rather than just monitoring them.”

Cllr Patricia Gibson added: “If we have a camera in one place are we just not moving the problem somewhere else?”

According to Cllr Eamonn Hennesy, statistics showed cameras did not “prevent crime other than instances of theft from vehicles and theft of vehicles.”

Cllr Giles Archibald believed it was “likely” that some money towards the cameras would come from the district council. “Whatever is decided would help offset some of the costs,” he said, adding he thought the amount provided would be a “significant proportion” of the total camera value.

Councillors voted five in favour of applying for a grant and 14 against. Three councillors abstained.