MR FORDER (Letters, September 5, 'Baffled by prayer claims') is obviously deeply angry.

His ire is vented against God, whom he says he does not believe in, for his apparent neglect to intervene in World War Two: God’s “failure.”

To quote Mr Forder: "...God stood by for six years and did nothing to stop the destruction and carnage.”

Why would you disapprove of the actions of a God you do not believe exists and blame him for something that he is supposed to have done? By doing so you are actually acknowledging he really must be a person, otherwise he could not have done what you have accused him of not doing.

It is interesting that those who do not believe in God always seem to blame him for any tragedy in their lives or in the nation or the world. It could not possibly be caused by people!

Rev Crawford McIntyre (retired)