AT THE parish council meeting a minute’s silence was held for Mr P Walker. Tribute was paid to Mr Walker’s energetic service to the community, particularly during the difficult years of the foot and mouth epidemic. His outstanding work during his time as parish council chairman was also deeply appreciated by all who had known him. 
Also, during the meeting Cllr Gaunt gave a village map update with two members of the Ingleton Area Business Group (IABG) which had been productive in assessing the requirements for a new map. It was envisaged that the map would be simplified to focus on local businesses, services and tourist attractions. The chairman suggested and it was agreed, that the CEO of North Yorkshire County Council should again be written to expressing Ingleton Parish Council’s disappointment in the failure of their efforts to obtain a reduction of the speed limit on the A65, and stating the members’ intention to initiate a press campaign on this issue. Two police officers attended the meeting and reported that it had been a quiet month with fewer incidents than usual. An officer gave members an update on the recent staffing restructure process and he felt that this would make local policing more effective. Cllr Emsley had received complaints about cars parking too near to the junction of the A65/Croft Road and on pavements, creating a hazard for other motorists and residents. Discussion followed regarding other junctions in Ingleton where similar instances of illegal parking was occurring, and the police officer confirmed he had a supply of leaflets pointing out the hazards of such practices which he would forward for use by the parish council. Cllr Lis of Craven District Council reported on the debate on climate change and the district council’s objective of a carbon neutral position. He stressed, however, the need for funding from central Government for this to be an effective possibility. The council spoke to members on several eco-friendly initiatives that were being researched, including recycling with the use of anaerobic digesters. The clerk confirmed that branches had been trimmed back behind the park toilets, and there was some discussion on the state of the grass cutting throughout the village, which had been hindered by the weather. The clerk would pursue the contractors on this issue. Cllr Brash reported potholes between Bank Top and Bank Bottom and would forward photos to the clerk for reporting to Highways. The chairman had received complaints about vehicles assuming Thacking Lane was a through road, and it was agreed that a request to Highways be forwarded requesting a ‘No Through Road’ sign be installed. Cllr Lis reported that bikers were again constructing their own jumps on the tip behind New Village and there was some discussion on this issue. The chairman pointed out that the piece of land beside the Pump Track had been set aside for self-build projects for bikers, although Cllr Emsley queried as to whether this was part of the original planning permission. There were also some members who felt that use of non-designated areas for bike jumping activity was likely to continue regardless. It was agreed that Cllr Howson should contact the local, young bikers for feedback. A map showing the proposed riverside walk had been circulated by the village action team prior to the meeting and it was agreed this would be acceptable with the removal of the swing bridge across the river. A meeting will take place with representatives of Craven District Council in order to proceed with the plans. Cllr McGonnigal asked when the refurbished village signs would be installed and Cllr Gaunt asked whether the poles would be repainted. The chairman stated that he believed they would be but could not confirm this absolutely. To consider the lease renewals on the allotments, it was pointed out by the chairman that two clauses in the lease were not acceptable and should be changed. It was agreed that a meeting with the Allotments Association should be held to discuss these matters. Cllr Weller undertook to arrange a meeting. Cllr McGonnigal reported that the multi-sports pitch would be upgraded this month and he was congratulated by the chairman for his efforts on this project. The next parish council meeting would be held on October 7, 2019 (7pm) at the community centre.

AT THE meeting of Ingleborough WI, the speaker Matthew Beynon-Tullett, communications manager of Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes spoke about the role of blood bikes. He gave an interesting presentation via video clips and anecdotes describing the role of the charity. It is run totally by volunteers who are advanced motor cyclists and the service operates throughout the night (7pm-7am) to transport blood, plasma, tissue samples and other vital supplies between NHS hospitals, hospices and supply centres. The next meeting will be on October 14, when Rachel Benson will describe the restoration of her barn to bunkhouse, including tree dating and upland meadow workshop venue.