I READ the proposed new Vision for Kendal outlined in the Gazette with great reluctance (October 3, 'Setting out a plan for Kendal's future').

The beauty of living here is it's a wonderful, small market town nestling in the foothills of the Lake District. Why do we want to change it? It's perfectly all right as it is.

The centre of Kendal is not suitable for more housing. The roads, bridges and drains are all very old and are overloaded as it is, ie the bridge on Sandes Avenue.

Moving the bus station would be a really bad idea. Does no one realise how many elderly and out-of-town shoppers rely on the bus to take them as near as possible to the shops, especially when they have heavy shopping bags? How much consideration has been given to disabled people?

The only bright side to the whole of the vision is, if it takes as long to build as the flood wall - four years at present - nothing will happen for many years.

Carole Wood