HALF-term is a time for a break from school and nursery, and it is a time (if you are not working) for a few lazy days. Providing you and your family with an opportunity to rest and recharge. This Whit half term will no doubt provide us with a good mix of weather. Thinking ahead at this time will help to make this a successful week, writes CHRIS GARNER.

As a parent holidays need a fair bit of planning if you are going to avoid the refrain ‘I’m bored’ from your children, though researchers have stated recently that it is good for children to experience some boredom as it aids creativity.

Luckily we have the Lake District National Park on our doorstep which provides us with the ideal playground for outdoor pursuits. The great outdoors is not for everyone I know, there are lots of other ways to entertain your family.

Picnics can be had indoors and out. You can build a den either outside or inside. Do something you don’t normally do like travelling on buses or trains for your day out. Make models from the cardboard and plastic you find in your home. Make salt dough from scratch, or bake some basic fairy cakes.

Play dates are a good way of sharing the childcare during the school holiday, as parents it helps to share the load with other parents. It also allows your children to socialise with their friends outside of school.

Look on social media, in the paper, and on local radio as events (sometimes free) are advertised for families during school holidays.

See: www.parentandbabycoach.co.uk

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