COUNCILLOR Gaunt reported at the Ingleton Parish Council meeting about the work on updating the current map and stated this would be delayed by her impending trip abroad.

Comments were made that it was felt the project depended on financial input by the IABG and a response on this was looked for. 

The chairman commented on the response from the CEO of NYCC stating no further action would be taken on this issue and Cllr Lis confirmed he would be happy to approach the press with another councillor to progress the issue.

Cllr Weller suggested that the number of pedestrians crossing near the garage on the A65 could be recorded, which was felt to be a useful idea. 
Two members of the allotments committee asked about the renewal of the lease, its term, and permission to install rabbit proof fencing around the allotments.

The chairman confirmed that the PC had agreed to renew the lease for another five years, and the trustees of the bull land would be contacted to confirm permission for the fencing.

However, he drew members’ attention to the fact that the PC could not take on the liability for maintaining the boundaries of the field, and this would become the responsibility of the Allotments Association under the terms of the new lease.

The chairman said that he believed the PC would be willing to consider an application from the Allotments Association for financial help in this matter. The chairman also commented on the high standard of the work that had been completed at the allotments and commended the association in this regard. 

Cllr Mckenzie raised a complaint about parking on footpaths near the primary school gates.

After discussion Cllr Lis confirmed he would raise this issue at a meeting with the school next week.

The chairman suggested a note highlighting the matter should be put in the next newsletter and reminded members that such parking was of vehicles were obstructions and can be reported to the police. 

Variation of conditions to extend working at Ingleton Quarry; a vote was taken on whether the PC would support this application to extend the life of the quarry and with the exception of the chairman, all were in favour. However, with the reduction of tonnage produced by the quarry the PC would like to see a reduction in working hours with half the stone produced being transported on the railway.

Concerns were raised about effects on nearby properties and members would like to see monitors in place for closer properties.

There was comment from members regarding the desertion of bird life from the area particularly with the introduction of the new crusher and it was hoped that the new bund would be completed as soon as possible. 
A letter had been received from W. Tooby requesting permission to plant trees along the hostel wall in the park with the involvement of a local women’s group; members supported this proposal. 
Members discussed a letter from a local resident complaining about the nuisance and noise caused by young bikers using the woodland near to his residence in New Village.

Many members felt that youngsters had used this area for recreation for many years and it would be problematic to curb.

Cllr Mckenzie would ascertain whether there would be a demand from them to construct self-made jumps on the site near the iCentre, which had previously been intended for this purpose.

The chairman had received vehement complaints on the parking congestion at Chapel le Dale, from Philpin Lane End to the water pumping station just beyond the Hill Inn on Hawes Road, and there was some discussion by members on this problem.

It was agreed that the clerk should write to Highways and copy in the district and county councillor on this issue, as there are serious local concerns for public safety. 
The next parish council meeting would be held on November 4 (7pm), at the community centre.