LAKES Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defence, Cumbria’s First BJJ school is hosting a Super Seminar.

A three-hour training session with 10 of the UK’s top competitors in aid of the Bay Hospital Trust Charity (specifically RLI Neonatal Unit) and Bliss – Charity for Babies born sick or early.

The event is being held on Saturday, October 26 at Lakes BJJ’s school at Phoenix Fitness in Kendal. The charities are held very close to the heart of Sam Kaye and his wife Caroline as their two youngest children were premature and cared for by the specialists in the Neonatal Unit at Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

Lakes BJJ Prof Sam, the only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt in Cumbria, said. ‘It is an honour to host this event, having our youngest two babies premature is the scariest thing imaginable and these charities made the process easier for us. Caroline and I have discussed the opportunity to give something back for a long time and to do it using a sport we love so much is even more rewarding.’

The event will teach each participant valuable skills and techniques into sports and self-defence Jiu Jitsu, alongside raising money for the two great charities.

One in seven babies born will need extra care in those early days and events like this help in their care.

For more information on the event or of the Lakes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club email Prof Sam at